About Radio Silence

Although Radio Silence contains songs recorded over several years, most were either recorded or prior recordings were pretty much redone in 2020. While in isolation, I got fed up with social media and decided to remove all apps from my devices and spend weekends more productively and artistically. One song led to another and I ended up recording 14 songs over a few months, 12 of which were selected for the album.

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The Album: back cover with the song list and front cover

Thanks !

Thanks for the epic contributions from my son, George, with lyrics on Kings of the Video Games and for the initial design ideas for this site, twitter and all of that other social media stuff I don't do any more :) Thanks to friends (Thamir, Tammy, Robert, Chris, Jarek and Sandra, to name a few) and family, Amanda and Wayne, for the positive feedback. And thanks finally to my adorable wife, for the patience, positivity and asking to play this time and time again - you're a real sweetheart.

The art in the album cover is credited to NASA/JPL-Caltech, and in recognition of my various encounters with Astrophysics and music - Mike and Bernard will understand ... Officially known as W40, this red butterfly in space on the front cover is a nebula, or a giant cloud of gas and dust. The "wings" of the butterfly are giant bubbles of gas being blown from the inside out by massive stars. The back cover is a black hole choir. The blue dots in this field of galaxies, known as the COSMOS field, show galaxies that contain supermassive black holes emitting high-energy X-rays. The black holes were detected by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Array, or NuSTAR, which spotted 32 such black holes in this field and has observed hundreds across the whole sky so far.